Get To Know Your Doula

Establishing Loving Grace is the culmination of years spent dreaming of becoming a birth worker.  With training as a certified Nanny, Educator, Medical Assistant, and Laboratory Assistant, the field was always tantalizingly close, but never quite within scope or reach. Sometimes the path ahead clears, the opportunity arises, and the dream just waits to be realized.  Now my journey as a Doula has begun and I would be delighted to walk beside you as you navigate your path to parenthood.

Giving birth is hard work. Like an endurance sport, much of the process depends on attitude.  Treat it as something to be trained for, something to be educated about, approach it with an open mind, and the result, whatever happens, will be readily accepted. Your birth plan may be forgotten or unnecessary as your baby lets you know how to proceed, and this will be okay with you. Knowledge is power and believing in your power builds confidence to boldly expect that your body knows how to birth your child. Providing comfort measures and support before, during, and after your delivery would be my privilege and honor.  Believe you will succeed, and you will!