Baby Basics

For the first few weeks of baby’s life you will need:


  • Newborn diapers (cloth/disposable)
  • Baby wipes/washcloths
  • Bodysuits (long legged/long sleeved)
  • Short sleeve onesies (side snap/tie)
  • Short sleeve onesies crotch snap              
  • T shirts                                                          
  • Long pants/leggings                                    
  • Sleep gowns                                                
  • Swaddlers (cloth/actual)                
  • Socks/booties                                                 
  • Washcloths                                                    
  • Towel                                                              

These will get you through the first few weeks.  Babies outgrow newborn clothing quickly, it is not important to spend a great deal on baby’s first wardrobe. Buy ethically produced, organic cotton, whenever possible.


  • Car seat
  • Stroller
  • Breast Pump (please breastfeed exclusively whenever possible for first 2 weeks)
  • Nursing bras/pads
  • Nipple/diaper cream
  • Milk freezer bags
  • Baby box for tight budget
  • Swing/bouncer/crib (Never leave baby to sleep in a car seat, always transfer )

You may be gifted extras, but these provide all you will need for the first few weeks. Try not to be tempted with “all the things!”