Women covet stories from other women. Even very small girls look to their female counterparts for affirmation and approval; we organically devour every feminine experience.  Our stories were once shared over the breakfast table, while hair brushing, bread or jam making, or on long road trips when talking to each other was still a thing.  In an era of social media saturation, it is sad how we communicate, even with immediate family.  Our stories are often revealed in emoji form, barely written in text, and many of the nuances of shared experience are lost. 

Apart from our enlightened sisters, this generation of mothers and grandmothers were likely products of highly medicated and managed institutional births. Barely able to recall their own birth experiences, how can they be expected to impart intuitive birthing knowledge to today’s Mamas-to-be?

Let us offer space for pregnant women and new mothers, space to discover the beauty of their own instinctive knowledge, the powerful intuition forged in their hearts during their own creation.  This inherent wisdom will guide them to accept whatever birth their child will experience.

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